$100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint

Review: “The $100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint – How To Use a Unique Twist To Article Marketing NO ONE ELSE Is Using – And Mint Your Fortune Online!”

I discovered this plan within just the last few days and immediately started to work on the first batch of articles.This approach is so simple, yet it never occurred to me before!

I am convinced that this may be just the ticket for a whole lot of you who are seeking a REAL way to create an additional income without making a big investment in time or money before seeing returns. What I really appreciate is that there are no claims for this to be an “overnight” success. It takes consistent effort, but with only a minimal investment of time an money.

If you like writing or are willing to learn the basics of article writing, you CAN do this. It is startlingly simple.

Your initial investment is only $14 and even that is refundable. Pick up the report. Read it. If you don’t feel it is worth the $14, get your money back. No problem.

The review below is by Dr. Mani, the creator of this blueprint. Please check it out. It is worth a few minutes of your time to read it. Even if it’s not for you, it may be just the ticket for someone you know.

by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

If the title sounds over-hyped and unreal, the content of this powerful, punchy, content-loaded little ebook will quickly change your mind!

Written by an experienced Internet infopreneur who has created and sold over 70 ebooks and built content resources on the Web since 1997, “The $100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint” is based on a personally tested and proven model that any aspiring entrepreneur can adopt and build on.

The ebook begins with a bold promise… that the ONLY things you’ll need are:

  • a skill (or willingness to learn) to write ARTICLES
  • an ability to put in 2 to 3 hours of work daily
  • patience… the system takes some time to work

Making Your Plan, Setting Your Goals

Few short guides begin with the most critical element of success – mindset and planning.

In most other similar ebooks, this essential component is relegated to a footnote, or casually mentioned at the very end. Dr.Mani bumps it right to the front – and forces you to think about WHERE you want to end up with your online business.

By the end of the first chapter of “The $100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint”, you’ll know exactly how much income you want to earn, how many articles you’ll need to write, and what to charge customers in order to hit your targets.

And then, the process of translating your goals into achievements begins in earnest.

Knowing What To Write About

If you’ve done any kind of marketing at all, you’ll know that the key thing to get right is tapping into the ideal niche market. The second chapter teaches the basics of finding a niche – and shows you NINE different ‘evergreen’ niches you can pursue profitably.

With this part decided upon, your next step is to promote your offer – and get clients.

Finding Buyers, Building Connections

What you’ll learn in this section of “The $100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint” is pure GOLD. It can be applied to ANY part of your business and online networking… because it is universal, and effective.

You’ll learn some little known ‘power secrets’ behind crafting Warrior Special Offers that compel people to pay attention and buy from you. And then, you’ll get a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at the REAL winning principle that sets apart the successful business owner from a WSO-addicted opportunist.

Getting More Orders

In case you’re wondering if this is a ‘rinse and repeat’ process where you keep spending $20 on running WSO’s, the answer is ‘No’. Instead, in the fifth chapter, you’ll learn a system that guarantees repeat business from your current client base – and that will keep you busy serving them, rather than running out seeking new buyers all the time.

The hardest sale to make is the first one. Once you’ve delighted your customers, it’s easy to sell them more things. And the tough part is knowing how to do it. That’s at the core of what you’ll learn in this section of the ebook.

Accelerating By Exponential Growth

The rest of the report is mind-boggling. The concepts you’ll learn will expand your horizons and show you a new, unique perspective to article writing that NO ONE ELSE is doing… and you can apply with incredible impact.

To make a long story short, “The $100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint” will teach you, step by step, how to turn a one-time sale into a steady, sustainable, scalable business – one you can even step back from and manage hands-free, if that’s what you want to do!

So, What’s The Bad News?

If there is one ‘weakness’ to this model, it is that it relies on the vagaries of a crowded marketplace – the Warrior Special Offers forum. (Oh, and it also requires a $20 investment to run an ad there!)

But when you consider that this is a forum visited by THOUSANDS of Internet marketers EVERY DAY, and the WSO section is an online store thronged by eager-to-buy hordes with credit card in hand, you’ll realize that this is a small ‘risk’ to take considering the huge potential benefit it could unleash.

Should You Buy “The $100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint” ?

I’ll answer this question with some questions of my own:

  • Do you want to study a tested and proven business model to earn $100 a day?
  • Are you able and willing to put in the effort to work on a detailed plan?
  • Will you be patient enough to learn, then act on what you learned, and steadily grow your impact over time?

If you said “Yes”, and are keen on hearing about a way to earn some quick cash, or build on the process to set up a sustainable business on the Web, then this might well be the best $10 you ever spent on your business!

Surprised? Yes, the price of this powerful little guide is only $10 (though it would easily be worth $67 or more!)

And what’s even better is that it comes with 3 bonuses that will help you get even greater value out of your article writing efforts!

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