13 Ways to Build Your List

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If you think of list building as relationship building you are off to a good start.

Put the “Golden Rule” to work when planning how to build and serve your list.

What types of things would you want from a list you subscribe to?

Think about that for a bit and make your own list things that would make it worthwhile for you to join a list. Then, create your own action plan based on that.

Why is this beneficial? Well, the types of things that attract people to lists vary depending on the niche you serve. (Niche is a simple way of saying a group of people with common interests.) What you would expect from a retail site, for example, is far different from what you would get from a coaching site. One would be announcements of special deals while the other would be focused on adding value to your life in general.

Your email contact list is a vital part of online business regardless of the type of business you are in or the niche you serve. You list allows you to stay connected with prospects as you develop a relationship with them over time. The more you understand the people you are trying to connect with, the better you can tailor what you offer to meet their specific needs.

Here is a baker ’s dozen of ideas on how to grow and serve your list:

1.  Your first step is to offer something for free (a “Freebie”) in exchange for their contact information. Unless you have a highly qualified and respected newsletter, that just won’t do the trick. Instead, you want to offer them something like an ebook, a report, or even a short e-course that helps solve a big problem in your target market.

2.    Once you’ve decided on your Freebie, create your sign up from. Be sure to keep it simple. The more information you ask for the less likely it is that they will sign up. Ask for just a first name and email address. Be sure to include a privacy statement also. Make sure that you have an auto-response connected to it to automatically send them what you promised. Once you have it ready, be sure to put it on every page of your site.

3.    Another idea is to present a teleseminar or webinar. These don’t have to be live. It can be something that you prepare in advance and they can access at any time. Once again, collect their first name and email address to give them access. If you supply a live teleseminar or webinar, the value is perceived to be higher and you can obtain more contact information in exchange for the dial-in details for the call.

4.    While you can announce your teleseminar or webinar thought a blog post and emails to your current list, take it one step further. Create a “Squeeze page” to promote your offer. Make sure to have some friends check it out first and supply you with some testimonials to use on the page. Include the benefits of the Freebie, the testimonials and a signup box. Now you can promote that page and people get their questions answered before they register.

5.    Take it a step further and write some short articles, maybe 3 – 5, based on what you are offering. Give a lot of the “what” and just a bit of the “how”. Submit these articles to free distribution sites such as EzineArticles and GoArticles. Be sure to add a description of your Freebie in the resource box along with the link to the squeeze page. When people use a search engine for information on your topic, one of these articles is likely to be on the first page of the search results. Plus, by submitting to such sites, others may pick up your articles and run them on their blogs. Since the requirement is that your bio is included when they run it, they automatically point people back to your squeeze page.

6.    Make sure to add a line of description about your Freebie to your email signature. Be sure to include a link to the squeeze page.

7.    Use this same signature file when you post helpful comments on discussion boards or forums in your target market.

8.    If you have a newsletter, be sure to put a subscription link on every page of your newsletter. You’d be surprised how many newsletters are forwarded to non-subscribers.

9.    Cross promote with someone else by mentioning each other’s freebie in a newsletter or on the thank you page for your new subscribers. Just make sure that the cross promotions take place on sites or newsletters that are related to your niche. For example, if your specialty is tennis tips, don’t cross promote with a football tips site.

10.  Use Facebook. It has become one of the largest search engines. If you don’t have an account, set one up. Promote your freebie with a signup box on your personal or business page. Also consider purchasing a paid Facebook ad that targets your market.

11.  Create videos that solve problems in your target market and require contact info for access to the video. Post the videos to sites such as YouTube.com with a link back to your signup form.

12.  Provide bonus items in conjunction with another business’ event or product launch. Once again, make sure that it the other event or launch is complementary to your own, not competitive. No point promoting your beauty tips bonus item to a football crowd.

13.  Add a “Page Peel” to your website to promote your Freebie. Page Peels capture the users attention and get them to sign up for your newsletter and freebie on your website. If you use WordPress, you can install a simple plug-in.

Put one or more of these tips to use and watch your list grow!

If you would like to have more details on any of the above suggestions, leave me a comment below or email me at Info@Enabled4Success.com and I’ll get back to you on it.