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Power Words Add Power To Your Marketing Messages

Successful marketing campaigns rely on the use of Power Words. These words are always positive and convince the audience of the benefits of your product or service. Power words create a sense of urgency–a need for your audience to act now — by drawing your audience into what you are selling and make them want to learn more.

Below is a list of many of the Power Words regularly used in advertising. Read through them taking the time to realize what emotions are being triggered. Buying today is generally emotionally based. Becoming aware of these emotions and how to trigger them is key to your marketing message.

No. You aren’t taking advantage of people — unless you are deliberately trying to manipulate them. Rather, you are only helping to reveal to them what they really desire. After that, it’s up to them to decide how strong that desire is and whether to purchase or not.

When you are creating new marketing messages consider using some of Read more…

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