3 Ways Email Marketing Can Build Your Business


New Orleans:

We’re all familiar with email, but did you know that you can use it to help build your business and get new clients? You can and it’s a lot simpler than you thought. With new tools called auto-responders, you can send messages to all of your clients at once or to people individually based on some action they take.

1. Reuse what you have

Think about all of the information that you regularly tell your customers or clients. This same type of information can be included in an automatic email series. Through

a regular email campaign you can teach your clients much of what they need to know, information that you already give out free anyway. Now they can get it in written form without adding nearly as much cost to you as printed hard copies sitting around your office or store.

2. Follow-up on sales

Another way email can be used is as follow-up when someone makes a purchase. Sending a thank you is a really nice touch. It shows your buyers how much you appreciate having them as your customers. But to do this by mail is time consuming and expensive. Enter the auto-responder. You can have it set up so that whenever someone makes a purchase they receive an automatic thank you message. You can even include some valuable information about the product they purchased as an extra bonus.

3. Get new sales with targeted special offers

Later, you can use this email list you create to send out notices of specials you are going to offer. You can even include an extra discount that is reserved only for those people who receive your message. This lets your clients know that they are special to you. Plus, you can tell them that they can pass along the message to their friends and relatives and that those friends and relatives can also get this special deal! This way they get to do something nice for their friends and at the same time send more customers to you. How much does this cost you? Just the time of creating the email message and hitting send.

Here’s proof!

Does this all sound pie-in-the-sky to you? Check out the following article by Gail Goodman of Entrepreneur Magazine. It tells how a pet sitter has built her business using email marketing!

>> http://bit.ly/petsuccess

As you can see, email marketing is cost-effective method of advertising, promoting, or simply distributing information to a large number of people by email. This very powerful and valuable method gets your products, services and ideas out to more people than you could ordinarily reach during your work week. It drives more customers to your business with minimal effort and expense. Through it you can even form a positive relationship with thousands of people before you ever meet them.

Get it right

Design is important. You need a strong the message that is well presented to ensure it gains the attention it deserves. Email marketing is an increasingly powerful and affordable way to turn prospects into clients. It even improves relationships between you and your customers, and can even help you gain new customers.

For more information on how to effectively increase your company’s sales through a well written and implemented email campaign, just give me a call. I love to share ideas!