5 Creative Ways to Get Email List Subscribers

One of the most productive things you can do for your business is to begin building a focused email list of interested clients and prospects by offering them something of value. To do this you need a way to capture their information and deliver what you promised them. The second part of this can be handled by technology. It’s the first part that needs some careful consideration.

Here are a few ways to entice people to agree to join your mailing list.

1. Offer a free course.

If you have a lot of know-how in your field, you can turn your “expert” status into a free multi-part course. Ask yourself what kind of information visitors are seeking when they come to your site and what you can teach them. This course can be set up to automatically be send to people on a specified schedule after they sign up.

2. Offer a free tip sheet.

A simple tip sheet that they can easily reference can be an invaluable tool to your clients as well as a major selling point to your prospects. Create your tip sheet based on your own knowledge of your product or service. This type of inside information has great perceived value.

3. Offer a free report.

A report doesn’t need to be long to be useful. An information-packed report of eight to 10 pages or even less can provide major value for your opt-in subscribers.

4. Take a survey.

You can use this method to find out what your customers want then take that information create a product or special event and deliver what they asked for to them!

5. Offer discounts or coupons.

Discounts or coupons for products or services you would not have sold any other way, still brings you income. As the saying goes, 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing. You have nothing to lose by offering discounts and everything to gain.


What’s next?

Once people sign up for your incentive, they need to receive valuable communication regularly remind them how much you appreciate them. One way is to start a newsletter. Think about how much relevant information you can deliver to your readers. This can be information you routinely hand out or tell clients and prospects as part of doing business. Now you can take that same information and put it together so it can be delivered directly to them via email. Plan a regular schedule for your newsletter so that they know when to expect new insights from you. This is an excellent method as it gives you the ability to cross sell related items to your customer list.

By staying in touch with your customers in a “permission based” way and implementing these simple email strategies you have increased your company’s ability to generate additionally sales and obtain a satisfied customer that you know have the ability to sell related products and services over and over again.

To learn how this powerful marketing method can help your business grow, drop me an email at jenn@iqt2.com.