A New Look At Balloons As Marketing Tools

With more than 20 years in marketing, I really hadn’t thought much about balloons as a marketing tool until I attended Main Street Marketing Machines launch and Make Market Launch. Spending a total of five days at these huge events, surrounded by Sandi’s beautiful balloon work opened my eyes to the seriousness of balloons as marketing tools.

As Sandi puts it, this book is “a collection of How-to’s, Advice, Tips and Tricks to getting the most out of your balloons and your marketing.” She encourages the reader to pick and choose what chapter you need at any specific time.

Although I would never try to a DIY approach to using balloons with a tradeshow booth, I love all of Sandi’s step-by-step guides. I suggest that those who enjoy decorating for something as simple as a birthday party or baby shower pick up a copy of Sandi’s book just for these guides.

As I read Sandi’s book I flashed back to various trade shows that I’ve attended. For the most part the booths were artistic and creatively done. But even with all of the attractiveness, they tend to blur together over time – with one exception. Trade show booths with balloon displays automatically draw me right in. I guess it’s the playfulness of balloons. Even though they can be absolutely dramatically done, there is something that brings out the kid in me and draws me in.

Having enjoyed Sandi’s work first hand my only regret with the book is that the pictures are in black and white. But of course, a book filled with color pictures wouldn’t be a practical, affordable book.

Who knew there was so much to consider about helium?