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180 Websites To Avoid with Work At Home Truth

Paul Schlegel at Work At Home Truth has a new warning blog post up, “180 Websites To Avoid”.

Warnings about Online Profit Masters tops Paul’s list. I’ve not seen this site, but based on the previous review blog post on it, it has many red flags in the advertising. The Utah Better Business Bureau gives them an F rating, not because of complaints, but because they are not responding to requests for information from the BBB. Here’s their explanation for the low rating.

Factors that lowered Online Profit Masters’ rating include:

  • BBB concerns with the industry in which this business operates.
  • BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating. BBB made one or more requests for background information from the business. BBB has not received a response from this business and/or has not been able to verify information received from this business.
  • BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business. BBB made one or more requests for background information from the business. BBB has not received a response from this business and/or has not been able to verify information received from this business.

Paul’s research shows that Online Profit Masters may have links to The Online Hosting Network. Paul includes 129 sites that may be connected to that. I found another posting from 2009 about this group that has a rather disturbing discussion about it. You can check that one out at Electron Plumber.

If you are serious about creating an internet marketing business, I suggest you check out Paul’s article.

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Online Marketing Advertisements Red Flags

Red Flags to watch out for

I receive Paul Schlegel’s Work At Home Truth emails and generally find them quite useful. Today’s message is about a particular system that is out, eMarketing Online System. I’ve not reviewed that system personally, so cannot render judgement on it. My purpose in sharing about the review with you is that Paul uses it as a case study to point out the red flags to watch out for in looking at any work from home program.

Do your home work

If you are looking for online business or work opportunities, you need to learn to do some research. Here are a couple of quick tips.

1. Google: The quickest method is to do a search for the name of the system on Google or another search engine. However, when taking this approach, be sure to check to see if the review is actually a sales pitch. There are many review sites that are only providing a supposed review when in reality they are an affiliate site trying to sell you on the system. If the article you are reading includes a link to the sales page for the product, it’s a sales page disguised as a review.

2. IMReportCard: Check to see if the system/product is listed on IMReportCard. This is a site that contains basic info about systems and persons, but each page also includes reviews from readers. You can get some really detailed information quite easily using this site.

Need more info? Go back and check out the WorkAtHome review article for those all important red flags. Here’s the first one, and it’s the one that most people fall for. Don’t believe the “As seen on” claims. It may have been seen on those sites or TV channels as a paid advertisement.

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Introducing Mentor Online Magazine

I want to introduce you to my friend Tamara Patzer.

Drawing from her years of experience in successfully creating multiple streams of income working online, she established MOM – Mentor Online Magazine. I invite you to click here to sign up for a subscription to her new online magazine. Just watch the video below to see if you feel that Tami might have useful information for you. I believe she does.

MOM’s founder: An adventure from the JOB to Online Entrepreneur

First, I’d like to introduce myself to you. I am a 53-year-old college educated mother who spent the majority of my life as a single mother of three children. I often consider myself a late bloomer, but that is only partly true. I graduated from high school a year early and went to college, but made a life choice that slowed my path to success by about 15 years. I got married at age 19, had a baby at 20 and was divorced at 22. By age 22, I was a high school graduate with a year of college, a 2-year-old and low self-esteem.

After a cold winter in my hometown in Oregon, I took my daughter on a cross-country Greyhound bus trip with less than $50 to in my pocket to join my parents who had moved to the west coast of Florida. There, I found a minimum wage job and worked hard. I liked Florida, but within two years my mother died and my father went back to Oregon. I was alone. No support system. No real friends. After supporting my daughter on my own, I met the father of my two sons and spend a turbulent few years balancing a bad relationship with a teenager and two babies born 17 months apart.

By the time I was in my early 30s, I knew I had to go back to school if I was ever going to make more than $7 an hour. I went to Eckerd College’s Program for Experience Learners and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Business in 1997. I started working as a newspaper editor and during that time, I also earned a master’s degree in Mass Communications and Instructional Technology. So began my  job juggling to earn more to make ends meet. I was a newspaper editor and college professor. At times I worked full-time as an editor, and drove hundreds of miles each week to teach at three different university campuses. One year I drove 65,000 miles. I was tired.

Did I say I was tired? I was exhausted. I started asking myself why? Why am I working so hard? What am I working for? Is it supposed to be this difficult? I needed my mother, but she was gone. I needed a mentor, wise advisor and friend. Over the years, there have been many women and men who stepped up and provided me with support, encouragement and guidance to help me move forward. In future issues, I will share more of my adventures and insights about these remarkable mentors who have helped me and will also help you, too. Recently with the advent of social media, my life has improved because I have a support system I can tap into any time, day or night. It is with this in mind that was born.

Wouldn’t it be great, if you had MOM giving you some sage advice, a shoulder to lean on and some step-by-step guidance about how to improve your life, how to move from employee to entrepreneur, from exhausted to joyful?

Know this, MOM is here for you!


Tamara A. Patzer

Founder and Publisher,



About MOM

Free Subscription MOM is that wise friend, mentor and advisor every woman wants in her life. Each week, on Monday and Thursday, MOM is delivered to your email inbox via free subscription.

You can expect Mentor Monday’s MOM to provide motivation, step-by-step action plans, and multi-income stream opportunities, techniques and ideas.

Triple-T Thursday’s MOM brings you trends, tips, and tools to put into action to help you achieve a more balance, wealthy and healthy life.

Not only will I bring you the best advice I can offer, but I have gathered some of the best minds in the world to share their insights with you. MOM is a collection of essays written and videos produced by a panel of expert contributors offering a global community of support for women around the world.

It is my hope that as publisher of MOM to bring you information, opportunities and high quality advice that you can put into action immediately.

For more information, feel free to contact Tamara Patzer at


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Rushing Thoughts and Voice Recognition Software

Many 18th c. treatments for psychological dist...

I was sitting in a restaurant as I first started writing this. I found it interesting to sit there and write. In general the noises around me formed a constant background noise, but occasionally some voice stood out from the rest and caught my attention. It was as if the cacophony of sound was periodically interrupted by a spot of clarity.

My purpose in sitting there writing was to sort my thoughts. But as I listened to this cacophony of sound, a question occurred to me. Is that how it is with my internal state? A constant cacophony of ideas enjoying their own processes and designs? Each competing with the other for attention? As I think about it, I realize that is exactly what happens. That is why I need to have times such as this to attempt to order those various thoughts.

This cacophony of ideas circulates randomly in my head, or so it seems to me. And yet when someone asks me a question, the needed information immediately surfaces and so that I can meet their need. So there must be some order in there that I’m not aware of. Read more…

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Steps to Follow in Building an Internet Business Make Money Online

Clipart of bills and coins

Image via Wikipedia

By Nam Chu Van

Conventional businesses are generally a pain because there are a lot of details you have to arrange before you can even open your doors to potential customers. If you don’t have a lot of funds to pay for a start-up cost and you hate going through mounds of paperwork, you can choose an internet business make money online instead. Not only would it be easier to put up, but it can also be just as productive in the long run. In time, you won’t even have to rely on traditional models to make money because online transactions will be enough.

You might ask where you should exactly start if Read more…

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Announcing Jimmy D. Brown’s New Product – InsPrint

I received the following message from Jimmy D. Brown today. If you have been seeking a truly Christian business opportunity, I suggest you check out his new InsPrint product. This is actually aimed at being an offline business, something new in Jimmy’s offerings.

Below iss his message. I encourage you to at least check it out. You can register for a free trial and receive your first print absolutely for free. You can sell up to 500 copies of this print without paying anything.

Check it out. It may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Message from Jimmy D. Brown:

I really wanted to pursue an inspirational idea that I’ve had for a couple of years. Today marks the launch of this new business. Read more…

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No Excuses Accepted for Lack of Success

Wow! If you have ever felts that there were obstacles in your way to success, watch this video. This is so inspiring.

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5 Creative Ways to Get Email List Subscribers

One of the most productive things you can do for your business is to begin building a focused email list of interested clients and prospects by offering them something of value. To do this you need a way to capture their information and deliver what you promised them. The second part of this can be handled by technology. It’s the first part that needs some careful consideration. Here are a few ways to entice people to agree to join your mailing list.


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Searching for Hungry Online Markets? Here’s How to Find Them

What is a hungry market? They are markets which buy a lot of stuff on a regular basis. As you can guess, THESE are the types of markets to get involved in because it's so much easier to sell our stuff to them! Finding hungry markets is the key to building a successful online business. Once we find a hungry market, it's simply case of selling them the products you already know they want – products you can easily source from the web. After that, the rest is history.


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$100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint

Review: "The $100 a Day Article Writing Blueprint - How To Use a Unique Twist To Article Marketing NO ONE ELSE Is Using - And Mint Your Fortune Online!"

I discovered this plan within just the last few days and immediately started to work on the first batch of articles.This approach is so simple, yet it never occurred to me before!

I am convinced that this may be just the ticket for a whole lot of you who are seeking a REAL way to create an additional income without making a big investment in time or money before seeing returns. What I really appreciate is that there are no claims for this to be an "overnight" success. It takes consistent effort, but with only a minimal investment of time an money.

If you like writing or are willing to learn the basics of article writing, you CAN do this. It is startlingly simple.

Your initial investment is only $14 and even that is refundable. Pick up the report. Read it. If you don't feel it is worth the $14, get your money back. No problem.

The review below is by Dr. Mani, the creator of this blueprint. Please check it out. It is worth a few minutes of your time to read it. Even if it's not for you, it may be just the ticket for someone you know.


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