Content Is King and Keywords Are The Princes

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“Content creation and keyword research considered most effective SEO tactics”

I love getting the Marketing Sherpa Chart of the Week. Always interesting, visually presented information. This week’s article has a chart showing the result of one of their latest surveys. You can read the full article at the following link, but we have the chart right here.

Marketing Research Chart: To improve SEO effectiveness, content is king

Marketing Sherpa surveyed 1,500 search marketers about the effectiveness of their top SEO tactics. They reported that “More than half of CMOs report that content creation is a very effective tactic to improve their SEO rankings. Keyword research was close behind, with 43% finding this strategy very effective.”

Why are these two things more important than any of the other “tricks” to drive traffic? I don’t know how search engines work, so I can’t answer from the perspective, but I can answer from what seems a logical perspective to me.

So, here’s my opinion.

1. Content

Content is king for the very simple reason that unless they are shopping, people generally are searching for information when they go to a search engine. Think about it. If you want information on how to get rid of the bugs on your roses, which website are you likely to visit more than once: The one with only keywords embedded and a bunch of ads or the one that gives you the information you need for your bug and roses problem? I know that when I’m looking for information, I go to sites that help me out.

2. Type of Information

Here’s where the keyword research comes in. If you are looking to drive traffic to your website, you need to provide information people need. That’s the keywords. If I were looking for help with bugs on my roses, I’d probably put “bugs on roses” into the search field. (Incidentally, apparently a lot of people are concerned about bugs on roses because I just got 7,890,000 results in 0.23 seconds for that keyword phrase.)

But what if I were writing articles about bugs on roses? Is that the best phrase to use for my keywords? Not according to Google Keyword Tool. I just did a quick search and found out that “bugs on roses” only gets about 2900 searches a month globally. However, “what are aphids” gets 165,000 global hits a month. So, I’d probably make sure to use that phrase several times in my article.

Well, that’s my thoughts on why those are the top rated ways to raise your search engine rankings. Do you agree or disagree?