Is Ebay a Giant Garage Sale or ?

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Are you thinking correctly about eBay?

Do you trust your intuition? Let’s do a small test. Take a piece of paper (imagine it to be a large piece of newspaper) and fold it in half 50 times about how tall would the folded paper be?

I’ll give you the answer in a moment, but unless you’ve seen this example before you will probably be very surprised by the answer. It’s a test of your intuition – and proof that you can be VERY wrong when trying to imagine how BIG something is based on a few simple facts.

Now, let’s talk about eBay.

Ebay is MASSIVE. It’s almost certainly bigger than you are imaging it to be.

As evidence consider the huge event scheduled for June 2006 in Las Vegas called “eBay Live”. Tens of thousands descended on Las Vegas in the summer of 2006 and still only a small percentage of those who make a living on eBay will be represented.

People from around the world will be there learning about the opportunities that eBay now offers to anyone willing to take the leap into online entrepreneurship.

Millions of transactions and tens of thousands of new sellers and buyers sign up for an eBay account EVERY DAY.

The fact is you aren’t capable of imaging how huge this opportunity is. If you totaled up all of the people making a living using or selling on eBay it would be the largest employer in the U.S.

The risks and costs of getting started are virtually nonexistent. This is a first in human history. It’s never happened before.

A little creativity can lead to a massive success story. I make a living from home thanks to eBay and I personally know many others who do as well.

Don’t let your misconceptions about eBay take away your chance to be part of what I truly believe is the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity of our time! Are you using any of these excuses?

  • eBay is just a giant yard sale.
  • I don’t have what it takes.
  • I don’t know what to sell.
  • The market is saturated.
  • I tried once but my item didn’t sell

Those excuses are all based on BAD INTUITION. The fact is you CAN do it because there are thousands of people LESS CAPABLE THAN YOU who are already doing it!

Do you follow your intuition even when it’s wrong?

The imaginary paper we folded 50 times at the start of this article would reach somewhere between 1/4 of the way to the SUN and possibly all the way to the sun depending on the thickness of the paper. I first heard this astounding factoid in the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell.

Still trust your intuition? You owe it to yourself to figure out how to get into the eBay game.

Jim Cockrum
My Silent Team

Jim Cockrum - EzineArticles Expert Author