Announcing Jimmy D. Brown’s New Product – InsPrint

I received the following message from Jimmy D. Brown today. If you have been seeking a truly Christian business opportunity, I suggest you check out his new InsPrint product. This is actually aimed at being an offline business, something new in Jimmy’s offerings.

Below iss his message. I encourage you to at least check it out. You can register for a free trial and receive your first print absolutely for free. You can sell up to 500 copies of this print without paying anything.

Check it out. It may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Message from Jimmy D. Brown:

I really wanted to pursue an inspirational idea that I’ve had for a couple of years. Today marks the launch of this new business.

It’s not for everyone.  Let me say that up front.  It’s a “Christian” business.  It’s also “offline”.  And it’s probably not going to make you “rich”.

But, if you’re looking for a legitimate business that is centered around Faith, then this is a great opportunity for you.

I’m proud to introduce… – Click Here!

Your Inspirational Prints Business

  • High Profit Margin ($20 retail value for only $1)
  • Low Startup Costs (All you need is a printer to get started)
  • Work From Home Or Shop (Set your own hours and schedule)
  • Repeat Customer Sales (New artwork delivered to you monthly)
  • No Experience Necessary (We teach you everything you need to know)

While you will find no hyped up promises of wealth like so many of the IM products and courses you are used to seeing, you will find a genuine way to create monthly income.

SIDEBAR:  Truth be told, 95% of people fail in their online businesses regardless of how “big” the profit promises are!  The main reasons are “it’s too complicated or difficult” and “too much competition”.  This business is different:  it’s so easy that anyone can do  it and there will be virtually NO COMPETITION in your local area.

Drop by the site for a free tour – including videos – to see what it’s all about. – Click Here!

Best regards,

Jimmy D. Brown