My Top 3 Writing Tips – Write Like You Talk In Online Marketing

I love Infographics!Marketing Sherpa Chart of The Week

Do you?

If you have been following me for any time at all, you know I love infographics. A visualization holds far more value for me than words. (If you’d like a printable copy of this infographic, click here or on the chart on the right.)

The infographic on the right is the Marketing Sherpa Chart of The Week. You can easily see from it that the most effective marketing at the least level of difficulty is email marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) remains the leader in effectiveness, but it ranks as being more difficult. You will want to learn about it, but get comfortable with writing first so that you can use it in your articles – the BEST use of SEO.

Now look at how high Content ranks. What is Content? What I’m doing right here is Content. If you don’t mind putting your thoughts down and sharing them, you are using Content to market your site. I suspect that Content being marked as one of the highest in difficulty is because people consider writing difficult. Do you?

If so, here are the top 3 writing tips that I give my students.

  1. If people understand you easily when you talk, you can write. Just write like you talk.
  2. Write to your reader. For example, I know that I’m writing to people interested in success online, so I write to
    that need.
  3. Avoid negatives.

Now, stop and think about it. Email marketing relies on Content. You have to put something in those email messages. Isn’t it interesting that people feel that email marketing is easier than Content? Why?

Because in email, people automatically write like they talk — the very first step to good writing.

So, can you write? Yes you can!

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