Need Help With Copywriting? Here’s A Five-Minute Crash Course

Copywriting is the art of writing in a way that sells.

In the internet marketing world, the primary concern of a copywriter isn’t about branding. Instead, it’s about conversion rate, i.e., the percentage of people who buy after seeing your sales page.

Even if you’ve never written a sales page before, learning the basics will allow you to greatly increase your selling power.


This five minute crash course will show you how to use one of the oldest and most proven copywriting formulas in advertising history: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA).


The first and most important step in the copywriting formula is attention. Attention is the first impression. The goal is to catch the readers’ attention in five seconds or less.

The best way to catch attention is through a strong headline. Your headline should speak directly to your readers’ needs and make a bold promise that keeps them reading more.

Most copywriters spend an inordinately high amount of their copywriting time on the headline. Why? Because if you don’t catch their attention, nothing else you write matters. Your headline should get someone to stop whatever they’re doing and pay ATTENTION.


Once you have their attention, you have entered the interest phase. This is when you explain the problem and hint at a solution. This is where you outline what their life is like right now and describe what their life could be like if their problem was solved.

During this step, your goal is to get them emotionally involved. Paint vivid pictures of what their lives could be like in the future. Use powerful and provoking words to hit emotional points home.


This is where you introduce your product and use rock solid proof to show that you can deliver on your promise.

Your product should be introduced as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Its as if all their life, your reader has just been waiting for something like your product.

In order to back up this kind of claim, you need to have proof.

  • Testimonials are a good start.
  • Before and after videos are good as well.
  • Proof videos can go a long way.
  • Photos of your product in action can be very convincing.


There’s a big difference between getting someone interested and having someone take out their credit card and pay you. The action step bridges this gap.

In the action step, you bring the emotional desire back to a peak and end with a strong, specific call to action. You tell them exactly what you want them to do and reiterate exactly what they’ll get if they do it.

  • Tell them to place the order.
  • Tell them to call the phone number.
  • Tell them to take out their credit card and punch it in the next page.
  • If they do, they’ll finally get “X” (benefit) in their life.


This formula has been used throughout the ages to launch highly successful companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Master the AIDA formula and your sales will soar.