Online Backup – Carbonite? Mozy? Crashplan?

CrashPlanOne of the things that’s been on my “To Do” list for a long time was to set up with a online backup and recovery service.

Last year I signed up with Mozy, but when I found out that they do not support unlimited backup, I cancelled that. Falling prey to modern advertising, I figured the alternative was Carbonite, so I put that on my infamous “To Do” list  and promptly neglected to do it due to the other things that took its place at the top of the list.

Finally I decided, “Today is the day!” I’d had friends who lost their data and I certainly don’t want to go through that. But with the clarity that comes with putting something back to the top of the list, it occurred to me that certainly there were other services. So, before jumping in and downloading Carbonite, I took some time to research.

As I put “Carbonite vs. Mozy” into search engines and read reviews I came up with other — and more attractive — alternatives. I came across a thread on a Mac forum named “Carbonite vs Mozy vs BackBlaze vs ? “Well, I’m not on a Mac, but I was interested in seeing what Backblaze is, so I clicked on it. In reading the thread, I came across multiple endorsements for Crashplan.That, of course, lead to researching Crashplan. I needed to ensure that it wasn’t a Mac-only service.

I should have tracked all my links as I went along so that I could share them with you. Sorry about that. I found some test results that showedCrashplan to have faster transmission than Mozy or Carbonite, but I don’t have that link. But here’s a big bonus, Crashplan is cheaper (click here for pricing)!

I did a bit more research today for this post. I found a thorough post by Tim Fisher where he reviews 38 online backup services. Mozy comes in #6 and Carbonite #3. Crashplan in #2 after BackBlaze at #1.  (Crashplan was #1 when I first reviewd this article.)  I suggest you check out his article, “38 Online Backup Services Reviewed: Refiews of the Best Online Backup Services” for more details.

So, what am I doing right now? Watching Crashplan backup my hard drive using my 30-day free trial. Since I have 268 GB on my hard drive, it says it will take 19 of those 30 days for the backup. Hmm… I think I need to go get rid of the duplication on my drive…

See you later!


Oh, if you have any thoughts or suggestions about online backup and recovery services, please share them below. It’s pretty much impossible to keep up on everything tech, so you may have found something better than I did. Thanks!