Online Marketing Advertisements Red Flags

Red Flags to watch out for

I receive Paul Schlegel’s Work At Home Truth emails and generally find them quite useful. Today’s message is about a particular system that is out, eMarketing Online System. I’ve not reviewed that system personally, so cannot render judgement on it. My purpose in sharing about the review with you is that Paul uses it as a case study to point out the red flags to watch out for in looking at any work from home program.

Do your home work

If you are looking for online business or work opportunities, you need to learn to do some research. Here are a couple of quick tips.

1. Google: The quickest method is to do a search for the name of the system on Google or another search engine. However, when taking this approach, be sure to check to see if the review is actually a sales pitch. There are many review sites that are only providing a supposed review when in reality they are an affiliate site trying to sell you on the system. If the article you are reading includes a link to the sales page for the product, it’s a sales page disguised as a review.

2. IMReportCard: Check to see if the system/product is listed on IMReportCard. This is a site that contains basic info about systems and persons, but each page also includes reviews from readers. You can get some really detailed information quite easily using this site.

Need more info? Go back and check out the WorkAtHome review article for those all important red flags. Here’s the first one, and it’s the one that most people fall for. Don’t believe the “As seen on” claims. It may have been seen on those sites or TV channels as a paid advertisement.