Searching for Hungry Online Markets? Here’s How to Find Them

Street market in nearby Rue Mouffetard
What is a hungry market? They are markets which buy a lot of stuff on a regular basis. As you can guess, THESE are the types of markets to get involved in because it’s so much easier to sell our stuff to them!

Finding hungry markets is the key to building a successful online business. Once we find a hungry market, it’s simply case of selling them the products you already know they want – products you can easily source from the web. After that, the rest is history.

So, where do you find these hungry markets? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think to find them. You just need to know where to look. Of the four listed below, you probably already shop at two of them – eBay and Amazon. How can those help you find your hungry market? Read on!

First, check out eBay

eBay is an open book when it comes to finding hungry markets. Make your first stop at eBay Pulse shows a daily snapshot of current trends and hot picks on eBay. Right here you’ll get a clear indication what people are looking for, buying and selling things. Provide these types of products and you have taken your first step towards your online sales success.

However, eBay doesn’t necessarily show desperate markets to us, merely a wide range of people buying and selling.

Next, go over to ClickBank Marketplace

If you are looking to sell information, viewing the ClickBank marketplace really is a clear indication of what people want to buy, and are desperate to buy it.

Almost everything sold on ClickBank is targeted at markets who are hungry for information – and have proven time and time again to buy the types of products being sold there.

Head first to the category section to narrow down your search. The variety is surprising.

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Betting
  • Business / Investing
  • Computers / Internet
  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • E-business & E-marketing
  • Education
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Fiction
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Mobile
  • Parenting & Families
  • Politics / Current Events
  • Reference
  • Self-Help
  • Software & Services
  • Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  • Sports
  • Travel

Third, point your browser at Amazon

Now that you’ve found what people are hungry for head over to Amazon. Much like eBay, Amazon has a huge community of people buying stuff all day long. Look at various products you are considering and check out the reviews and popularity. Here you’ll find the pros, cons, and opinions. Plus, each page tells you just what most people purchased who also looked at that product.

Next, look at discussions within the Amazon community to see how passionate people are about the things they are buying. This provides another clear indication of the amount of hunger and passion the market has.

Your final stop is Forums

Forums are one of the oldest and most reliable sources of research on the Internet. Forums will tell you immediately if the market is passionate and hungry.

Pop your term plus “forums” into a search engine. For example, if you are looking to sell fishing equipment but you couldn’t find any fishing forums, that may suggest that people really aren’t that interested in talking about it, sharing ideas, looking for help, and try to improve their hobby.

But when there are forums around a particular topic, it shows you the exact opposite. It shows that people ARE passionate and hungry about the topic. This is a great sign that money can be made, because where there is passion and hunger, there is money being spent.

Forums also can tell you what people are buying or people think of products, what sort of information people are looking for help with, and on, and on. Forums are a great research tool that you must use!

Use these resources as a starting point to get an idea of where the hungry markets are, who they are, and what they want to buy.

Take the information you discover and build your own products, services and websites which cater specifically to these hungry markets. Do this and you can expect to make a good amount of money giving people what they really want!