Steps To Success

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Success is a day-by-day, moment-by-moment issue. It is like the flecks of paint laid down carefully and repeatedly on canvas to gradually create a work of art. Without the application of the flecks, no art results. For those in business lack of daily application means no product, no service, no means of income. Without them the idea remains inside the mind of the creator instead of being made available for all who desire to use or enjoy it.

All success hinges on obedience to a chosen path. But how do we choose what to create, what ideals to be obedient to? That is a decision you must make for yourself. You must decide what will be the guiding force in your life.

If the guiding force you choose is yourself, you automatically limit your opportunities. Why? Because you are limiting your selection to concepts that you understand and to life as you have experienced it.

Choose something greater than yourself as your guiding source if you desire to achieve on a greater scale. Become open to new ideas – especially to the ones you don’t fully understand. This way you stretch yourself. Seek advice; gain new understanding; learn as you produce. The resulting product becomes one that reflects not only you, but also new concepts and the ideas of those you consulted.

Stretch even further by embracing ideals. Most of us know The Golden Rule, “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” This standard serves as the basis for most ethical standards. This rule for life advises that you treat others as you wish to be treated. Since like-begets like, the result of living by this concept – this rule – brings you the treatment by others that you desire. Does it work 100% of the time? Yes. While you may encounter some odd-ball situations where this appears to fail, but looking back later you’ll see that it did. Just keep living it regardless of how the immediate result appears and you will find it returns to you.

How does all of this impact what you create? Your creative mind expands beyond the narrow scope of what brings value to you into what brings value to others. This results in products, services, art, etc., that has broad appeal and popularity, and thus a larger market base.

How can you expand your creativity even further? What broader source of inspiration could you use?

Go back to that concept of a “guiding force.” Get specific. Accept that there will always be persons with greater knowledge, wisdom and creativity than you. This person can serve as your inspiration authority. Be sure however, when seeking advice from such persons always make sure that their life exemplifies “The Golden Rule.” Why is this important? You will be entrusting yourself and your ideas to this person.  If a person lives the Golden Rule, the very core of his or her being dictates that this person will always seek to do what is best for you first.

Now let’s go really wild. Ensure that your “Inspiration Authority” also has unlimited resources that can and will be put at your disposal to achieve the goals. Have we stepped outside of the realm of possibility here? Yes and no. The answer is Yes if you currently do not know such a person and you limit your search to persons you already know. The answer is No if you accept there could possibly be such a person, but you just haven’t met him yet.

Desiring to reach the broadest ability, wisdom, power and resources for direction for my life and efforts, I have selected as my guide the all knowing, all powerful, and all present Creator of all. I choose the Infinite One, the one who not only has all resources, but who also created time. Since He stands outside of time, everything for Him simply “IS.” This means he knows the future holds, what people will desire tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade, and on. You can’t tap into better marketing research than that!

But this next part makes it even greater. He not only lives the Golden Rule, he created it. Since he cannot change, this means that he will ALWAYS be seeking for me what is best for me. What could be better than to tap into such a source? All knowledge, all power, all resources, and always seeking my best?

What could hold me back from success at this point? Once this selection is made, my success is dependent upon only one thing; it’s that word back at the beginning – obedience. Finding the right source is not sufficient. Once that source is located and accepted, reaching those great objectives still relies on me; it relies on my willingness to set aside my own particular wants on a daily basis to complete the necessary steps.

Do you want success? Take these steps and you’ll achieve it. Find the right inspiration source, treat others as you would like to be treated, determine the steps to reach the goal and submit yourself in obedience daily to ensure those steps are made.

Do you want to achieve at the highest possible level? Make sure you have chosen the highest source for your inspiration and direction. Don’t limit yourself to your own experience. Step it up one notch at the minimum and all the way to the top at the maximum.

To your success!