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Blind Writing – Part 2 – Tapping Into Your Creative Mind

Glad you could make it back. Now where was I?

Oh yes! I was going to tell you why I call it Blind Writing.

But that has to wait just a bit longer.

First, back to Klauser in Writing on Both Sides of the Brain: Breakthrough Techniques for People Who Write. She explains that to reach into the creative side of your mind you must first shut down the editor. To do this, she advises setting aside everything else and simply writing for 10 minutes. To keep your editor from kicking in and trying to change things, you need to force yourself to just keep writing. If you are using pen and paper, keep the pen on the paper and keep writing. If you are using the computer, keep typing no matter what.

Here’s where my term “Blind Writing” comes in. Read more…

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Top 3 Simple & Proven Types of Online Business

Are you thinking of starting an online business but not really sure what type?

Starting an online business begins with choosing the right business model. "How will I actually make money" is the biggest question you should be asking once you have decided on a market and products to sell.

To help you, here are three different revenue models which work extremely well on the Internet.


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