Rushing Thoughts and Voice Recognition Software

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I was sitting in a restaurant as I first started writing this. I found it interesting to sit there and write. In general the noises around me formed a constant background noise, but occasionally some voice stood out from the rest and caught my attention. It was as if the cacophony of sound was periodically interrupted by a spot of clarity.

My purpose in sitting there writing was to sort my thoughts. But as I listened to this cacophony of sound, a question occurred to me. Is that how it is with my internal state? A constant cacophony of ideas enjoying their own processes and designs? Each competing with the other for attention? As I think about it, I realize that is exactly what happens. That is why I need to have times such as this to attempt to order those various thoughts.

This cacophony of ideas circulates randomly in my head, or so it seems to me. And yet when someone asks me a question, the needed information immediately surfaces and so that I can meet their need. So there must be some order in there that I’m not aware of.

I’m a teacher at heart, so I am driven by how to capture the expertise so tightly tucked away in my brain into a repeatable format so that it is easily shared with others. I especially desire to have it down in written format so that I can provide a copy of the information to the recipient for use at a later time.

So how can this cacophony change so that I can call upon the individual pieces so that I can get them into documents to respond to people when they have a specific need? I repeat so often the various things that I know, it seems that if I could hand them a printed a document that explains what I’m saying, they would not only have the answer they are but what also have a reference for when they try to apply it later.

As a dwelt on this while writing, it occurred to me that I could tape record my answers to these questions because so often that come by phone. And so my mind wondered where I could find an affordable transcribing service. As my mind wandered to resources that I have and can contact to get references for such a transcribing service, it occurred to me that my new computer may have an alternative for me to put to use in the short term. I remembered that today’s PCs have built-in voice recognition. Ah ha! I could teach my computer to listen to me as I speak.

And that is exactly what I did for this article. I checked for the voice activation software built into my computer, and put to work. This is actually rather slower process for my first article using voice recognition software, but it has been an interesting experience, one that I intend to put to use more regularly.

If you’ve not considered using the voice recognition software capability built into your computer, you might take this message as a suggestion to consider it. I have found it quite interesting to sit and talk to my computer and to share my thoughts in this manner. In fact, it is even cost me to consider my words even more carefully than usual.

If you decide to give voice recognition a try on your computer, please drop me a note below and let me know how it worked out for you.

To your success,