Want to Sell Online? First Decide WHAT You Want to Sell

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With the large number of people who shop online today, when considering starting an online business selling something one of the biggest questions that people face is the age-old “What should I sell?”

It can be a real nightmare trying to figure out what to sell online, but the following tips should give you a good idea of what has the best potential to sell specifically online…

Choice 1: Physical Products

If you live remotely like me, you probably do a lot of online shopping. The convenience can’t be beat. Why spend an hour or more driving each way just to pick up something you need when you can pop onto the internet and get the same product – probably at a better price – delivered right to your door!

It wasn’t the same as little as 10 years ago. Back then selling physical products took a lot of complex work. The biggest reason was that people just were not as comfortable buying physical products as they are today so you had to jump through a lot of hoops to make them feel comfortable about it. Then EBay came along. That was the turning point in selling physical products. The lure of getting great stuff for cheap prices caused a ton of people to take the plunge into buying online. With that the state selling just about any physical products got a whole lot easier.

So, since people now are a lot more ready to transmit cash online, can you sell anything? Pretty much, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should try. Instead of going to the expense of creating a huge online convenience store or general clothing website, you need to look at targeting specific interests and product lines. Why? To stand out from the competition. People today want to buy from someone they are sure really understands their products. That means being a generalist really isn’t going to cut it if you are just starting out.

But is selling physical products the right choice for you? Only if you take all aspects into consideration. If you really feel this is the route for you, as long as you have a good sized sum of money to invest, go for it. Just remember, selling physical products costs money to source the goods, and then, once you source them, you are under pressure to sell them, or you will lose money. And that’s just the sourcing and selling side. Next you have the hassle of physically shipping products, and paying for storage space to hold your stock.

If in spite of all those obstacles, you are still set on selling physical products, go for it. It must be your calling.

Choice 2: Your Time and Expertise

When you sell your time and expertise you are selling a service. Maybe you are an experienced writer. The web needs LOTS of writing, so this is a great service to offer. Other people will hire a virtual bookkeeper, virtual assistant, virtual sales help… and on and on.

With selling your services, you trade your time for money. But, hey! That’s what you do if you go to just about any business to work, so that’s nothing new. The difference is that you are now the boss. You set the hours and you get to create that luxurious work from home dream that so many people have.

It is also a great way to give yourself more freedom in your life. Although you will still have to do the work and put the time to get paid, at least you don’t have to commute to work each day! Plus, your schedule is your own. Are you a night owl working best in the wee hours of the morning? This may be your calling. Offices generally aren’t open that time of day.

The more valuable the services you can offer, the higher price you can command. It’s a good idea to develop skills which are not only in high demand, but is something that you can perform quickly and easily.

Remember, what is easy for you is probably hard or even irritating to do for others. A personal example is that I love to write! But do book work? Argh! I do it because it must be done, but I do it only enough to make sure I understand what it means. After that, I give it to a virtual assistant or accountant to handle. This gives me the freedom to not only set my own hours, but to spend them doing work I love. This is a freedom few people experience today.

Choice 3: Digital Products

Now here is where I get to marry my love of creativity and my desire to help into products –books, audio, videos, software, paid content, and the like – to help people succeed in their life. For example, if I didn’t care about this, I’d not be sitting here sharing with you about it right now. I have the freedom to choose what I want to do and this is what I want to do right now.

Selling digital products online is probably the ultimate business model of our modern day. Not only does eliminate the need to spend time and money building up a physical stock to sell, but you can sell the same digital file which costs hardly anything to produce, over and over again for life. Essentially, this creates an unlimited return on your investment, whether your investment was time or money.

Creating digital products is easier than ever these days, and you don’t need to be particularly skilled or have any experience in the subject matter in many cases. If you’re able to do research and present your information in an easy to digests formats, then you stand a good chance to make a lot of money selling digital products online.

The real beauty of this is that you only do the work once and then get paid over and over again for life. This creates residual income bringing a new level of freedom in your life. By creating and selling digital products, you get paid over and over again. And with just a little bit more effort, you can set this up to take place automatically with money funneling into your bank account while you invest your time other pleasures.

Whichever route you choose, you can make money online. Many people really like knowing they have provided a physical product that was just what the customer wanted. Some feel best providing a service. Then there are those like me who are teachers by nature. Creating and providing an easily accessed source of information to help people achieve their goals in life really winds my clock!

Take some time. Figure out what winds your clock. You need to find something that you love to do or it will become work… and that’s a really big loss of freedom.