Welcome to Enabled4Success.com.

I realized recently that with 20+ years of experience working virtually that I have information that I can share with those interested in doing the same. So, I started this blog.

Why Enabled4Success? I work virtually because of various disabilities I have which prevent me for being able to work in a public office. But, as my mother taught me, if life serves you lemons, make lemonade!

The result? What I initially perceived as “disabilities” have become the impetus behind leading me into work that I love. I feel that I have been “enabled” by these issues to look at life differently. Now while I may carry the label of being “a person with disabilities” for medical purposes, I see myself as “differently”-abled.Perhaps what has stopped you from doing the work you love has nothing to do with health issues. Maybe one of these types of issues is hindering you.

  • Being the primary caregiver for a loved one
  • Emotional challenges that are draining your strength
  • Living too far away from available jobs
  • Small children at home
  • Going to school full time

And a big one today — The economy! Prices up, jobs down, and you in the middle!

So, if you have “disabilities” of any nature, please follow along.

Jump in from time to time with suggestions or questions.

You are unique, you have special skills and abilities. Let’s turn your lemons into lemonade as you discover ways to bring in the income you need in the way that works best for your situation.

To your success!